Ethiopian Prime…

Ethiopian Prime Minister to arrive in Moqdisho.

Sunday 16 September 2012.

(khaatumostate.wordpress.comImage Press)- The newly Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and members of Ethiopian ruling party are expected to arrive Somalia capital Moqdisho, a source said to Ogadentoday Press

The prime Minister and his delegation are participating in Somalia Presidential inauguration ceremony, taking place in Somalia Police academy of General Kahiye.

The source said that the delegations from the US, Europe, AU, Arab countries are also expected to gather in Moqdisho.

It is a historic moment for Somalia after 40 years; president is elected in the soil of Somalia.

Presidents of Sudan, Djibouti, Uganda, and Kenya are expected to arrive also, a source said.

Somali parliaments elected Hassan Sheekh Mohamed as Somali President on 10 September.

Speaking to VOA, the President vowed to Reset Security after Assassination Attempt when Alshabab Group militia attacked on Jazeera Hotel where he was residing.

Ethiopia is accused of political involvement in Somalia for the last 20 years and arming the warlords in Somalia.

Ethiopia sent its troops into Somalia to oust Islamist groups controlling southern Somalia In late 2006 and currently, Ethiopian troops are in Somalia, region of, Hiiraan, Bay and Bakool.

Somalia central government collapsed in 1991 civil war, after Mohamed Siyad Barre is ousted by opposition forces and last eight years Somalia formed a transitional government that end on 10 September election.


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